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Malcolm’s Last Night!

Posted on 26 May, 2009

Malcolm samples some of Scotland’s finest on his last night in Scotland!

Malcolm and Percy can’t wait to get home and tell Sean and Patrick all about their travels

Malcolm and Percy are now on their way to Hereford, and looking forward to the next part of their World Tour!

Malcolm’s Adventures in Scotland

Posted on 25 May, 2009

Oh, Malcolm has to leave tomorrow to embark on the third stage of his World Tour! For those of you who never got the chance to meet him, Malcolm is a wee Postman hedgehog from New York, who came to stay with me for 12 days while touring the world. The tour was organised by members of Ravelry. His first stop was Dublin, then here to Ayrshire and tomorrow he’s off to Hereford. Eventually he’ll visit Australia before heading back home to New York.

Here’s some pics of what he got up to in Scotland:

Malcolm & Percy just after they arrived in Scotland

My cat’s not sure about our visitors

Meeting some new friends

Playing the xbox

Malcolm gets ready for his first day at work in Scotland

Arriving at the Kilmarnock Standard office

Putting yesterdays photos into the system

Malcolm in front of Edinburgh Castle while on a day trip to the Scottish capital

Malcolm at Greyfriar’s Bobby’s statue

Me with Malcolm and Percy at Greyfriars Bobby’s statue

Malcolm and Percy visit Greyfriars Bobby’s Grave

Malcolm and Percy were glad this wee shop was closed

Looking at the new tram lines being put into the city centre

They’re not sure about these right hand drive cars in the UK

A quick trip to visit the birthplace of Robert Burns – well it is his 250th anniversary!
Malcolm at Burns Cottage, Alloway

This is the cottage where Robert Burns, the Ayrshire poet, was born in 1759

Malcolm at the Auld Kirk, Alloway

The Auld Kirk is the setting for Robert Burns’ well-known tale, Tam o’Shanter, in which a hapless Tam encounters a Satanic ritual in the ruins of the Auld Kirk

The Auld Kirk is also where Robert Burns chose to bury his father, William Burns

Malcolm in front of the Brig O’Doon.
The Brig O’Doon is the setting for the climax of Robert Burns’ Tam O’Shanter. Tam is saved from the group of witches by his horse, Meg.
Meg leaps to safety on the bridge, as the witches cannot cross running water.

Malcolm on the Brig O’Doon

Malcolm with a wee, red postbox

Going to miss you, Malcolm. 
Wish I could come with you on the rest of your World Tour!

Amanda xx

To see more of Malcolm’s World Tour, take a look at his blog.