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Our Macmillan Comfort Blanket

Posted on 7 October, 2009

Back in August, I asked the ladies from my Knitting Group if they would be interested in knitting squares for a Comfort Blanket to send to Macmillan Cancer as part in their nationwide Fuel Poverty Campaign. They were very keen to do so, and after approaching our local newspaper to do an article, we had a few more members to our weekly knitting group too.

I managed to knit 13 squares for the blanket:

After a couple of months knitting, we gathered together our squares and started to sew our first blanket together.  We stitched the squares together at our regular weekly meeting on Monday 21st September, as we were unable to get together on the Macmillan Coffee Morning.  There was a few fretful moments during the sewing process, as yours truly didn’t know what backstitch was!  I overstitched the squares together!!  I think a wee sewing lesson may have come in handy before starting.

But in the end, none of that mattered, as we had a beautiful blanket to send off to Macmillan, knitted and stitched with very much love.

We realised we had enough squares leftover to stitch together another half of a blanket.  So, we decided to knit a few more squares and give this blanket to one of members and very dear friend who had recently found out that she had Breast Cancer.  She had helped us knit squares, but was unable to help stitch them together as she was in hospital during that time.

And the following week we had enough squares (3 of them still being on the needles) to make a 2nd blanket.  It was a very emotional experience knitting and stitching these last squares, as we hadn’t expected one of our blankets to be needed so close to home.  We tried to knit something personal into the extra squares, hence the reason for the Breast Cancer logo, ‘Love to Knit With My Friends’ square and a Guardian Angel from me.  The Pot of Gold and Wishing Well were to bring along a bit of ‘good luck’ too.  We managed to keep this blanket a secret, which was no easy task, as were all itching to talk about it on Ravelry.

On Monday, our dear friend managed to make it to our meet and we gave her her blanket.  She was overwhelmed, and couldn’t believe how much we had achieved in such a short time.  You see, this is not just any ordinary blanket – it’s a big bundle of love and hugs that can be cashed in as required!
Get well soon, L! xx

Take a look at the Macmillan website for more info on the Macmillan Comfort Blanket Campaign.