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Old Maiden Aunt Yarn Preview Club 2011

Posted on 8 April, 2011

It’s all over with (boohoo) . . . the 2011 Preview Yarn Club by Old Maiden Aunt that is!  I’ve really enjoyed receiving these little gold packages each month:

When the first one arrived in January, I couldn’t open it!  I had to wait for my OH to get home from work . . . he had bought this yarn club subscription for my Christmas, and he wanted to be there when I opened my 1st package.  That was a painful few hours, but well worth the wait . . .

These yarns and the little ‘Selkie’ themed sock bag were inside that little gold package!  The colours were based on Scottish myths and legends. The green is called ‘Bean Nighe’ (or banshee) and she is a washerwoman . . . a woman in a green dress who stands by the river and washes the grave-clothes of those who are about to die.  The blue is called ‘Selkie’ which is a seal that can shed it’s skin and transform into a human.

We also received a little button badge, some love heart sweets, a card with the ‘Selkie’ image on the front and lots of information about the two myths/legends in the January package.

I just loved the theme straight away, and used the Selkie yarn to knit this little shawl:

This shawl is called Undine and is a free pattern found through Ravelry.  I picked this pattern because of it’s name . . . Undine (or Ondine) is the name of a water selkie.  There’s even been a movie made about a water selkie called Ondine.

I’ve already posted about these yarns and this shawl, but no harm in sharing again, especially as the colours through this Selkie yarn are just so amazing . . . and look a little bit different from that original dark blue skein of yarn:

The February package arrived four weeks later, and this is what was inside:

The orange/brown is called ‘Far Darrig’ which translates as ‘red man’ . . . he wears a red coat and hat, is related to the leprechaun and spends a lot of time playing practical jokes.  The green is called ‘Ghillie Dhu’ and he is one of the Scottish fairy folk . . . a wild guardian of the forest, who normally wears a cloak made of moss and leaves.  I love the little ‘Ghillie Dhu’ themed sock bag too (the pin badge, sweets, card and info were all in this package too).

I’ve knitted the ‘Ghillie Dhu’ yarn into this little shawl:

This shawl is called the Trinity Shawlette, and again can be found on Ravelry.  It’s free to download, but you are asked to make a donation to p/hop (pennies per hours of pleasure) with all monies going to Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders or MSF).  I picked this pattern, as I liked all the leaves in the sahwl, and thought it would be perfect for the ‘Ghillie Dhu’ to wear.

I had enough of the ‘Ghillie Dhu’ yarn leftover to knit a pair of fingerless mitts too:

These are called Veyla and were designed by Ysolda Teague.  I just adore those little buttons.  I still find it hard to believe that I managed to knit a shawl and a pair of mitts from the one skein of yarn.

The final package arrived a couple of weeks ago:

The browny red colour is called ‘Boabhan Sith’ which is a Scottish fairy vampire who preys on travellers at night.  The purple colour is ‘Leanan Sidhe’ and is a beautiful, seductive fairy woman who takes a mortal as her lover and acts as their muse.

As well as the yarn, the ‘Boabhan Sith’ sock bag and all the usual little extras, we also received and extra ‘extra’ in this package:

A ‘Lang Legged Beasties’ project bag . . . this will be so well used and I can see me transporting my knitting projects in it for years to come.  And with three little sock-sized project bags too, I’ll be able to keep everything nice and tidy inside my big bag.

This is all of the six ‘preview colours’ from the 2011 club all together (shame I’ve knitted two of them up):

Aren’t they just stunning?  All the colours are now available to buy in the Old Maiden Aunt shop.

The two shawls at the back (from L to R) are Selkie and Ghillie Dhu.

The four skeins (from L to R) are: Bean Nighe, Boabhan Sith, Leanan Sidhe and Far Darrig.

And one last wee pic of the ‘Land Legged Beasties’ bag with all my goodies in it:

A big thank you to Liltih for all these beautiful yarns.  I’ve loved taking part in this club . . . and now really hoping that I get a place in next year’s preview club too.