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Beaded Berets ♥

Posted on 29 November, 2011

I’ve been very busy recently, designing and knitting berets with beaded motifs.  The first one was the Pretty Kitty Beret, which was made for my niece.  She had asked for a beret for her birthday:  it had to be pink and girly, with lots of sparkle.  She loves kitty cats including a very popular little white Japanese kitty, and she wanted a hat that no other girl at her school would have, with lots of kitty bling.  Et voilà . . . the Pretty Kitty Beret!

I used J C Rennie Supersoft 4ply yarn (shade 1484 Couture).  This yarn is 100% lambswool . . . maybe not the best choice of yarn for a child’s hat, but the colour is just perfect.  There are just over 900 beads knitted into this beret, over the six little kitty motifs placed evenly around the body.

The next two berets have a festive theme.  The Holly Beret and the Christmas Tree Beret.

The Holly Beret came to mind after designing my niece’s beret.  I love hats, particularly berets, and have often looked for seasonal knitted designs myself.  I thought beaded berets would be great for adults too, but I kept the bling factor to a minimum with just one little sprig of holly.  This is J C Rennie Supersoft 4ply yarn again (shade 191 Coffee).

The Christmas Tree Beret was made with the same J C Rennie yarn as the other two berets (shade 374 Tudor) and has 850 beads knitted into it.  It’s a bit less subtle than the Holly Beret, but I love how it has turned out.  This beret is going to my sister, who saw a pic of it and fell in love with it.  I’m not sure why I didn’t think of her myself, as she loves everything Christmassy and would keep her Christmas tree up all year round if she could!

I’ve got another two beaded berets to be released later this week and I’m saving my favourite to the end! x