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Happy Halloween

Posted on 31 October, 2013

IMG_9783My wee 3mm crochet hook has been hard at work the last few weeks making all these little amigurumi decorations for Halloween.

It all started with this little ghost.  He’s a free pattern and can be found on the Lion Brand website.

IMG_9633He needed some friends to keep him company.  So, next appeared a wee pumpkin.  (This pattern is available to buy from Karla Fitch’s Ravelry Store).

IMG_9668And shortly after that, a witch’s hat. (This one is another free download from Lion Brand).

IMG_9694As you can tell from my photos, my wee ghost was delighted to meet new friends.

IMG_9676 IMG_9714

After seeing how happy my wee ghost was, I crocheted another friend for him,  this time a bat.  (The pattern for this one can be found on Shala’s Beads Blog).

IMG_9768And then a Mummy followed the bat.  (Mummy pattern can be found on Lemming13’s Blog).

IMG_9774This morning, I also had a go at making a fabric pumpkin from a tutorial that I found on the Quill Cottage Blog.  There are a few other tutorials in that link to make fabric acorns and autumn leaves too.  I now have my own little pumpkin patch!

IMG_9672The real pumpkin to the back left of the photo is a Munchkin Pumpkin.  All of them are quite small.  Here is the fabric one on the back of my hand to give you an idea of size:

IMG_9682All my handcrafted Halloween decorations are now sitting on top of my fireplace in my sitting room.

IMG_9612 IMG_9616

Unfortunately, they won’t see any trick or treaters tonight as people living in Kilmarnock and the Irvine Valley celebrate Halloween on the last Friday of the month, which was 6 days ago. This is all very strange to me as this tradition wasn’t followed where I come from.

IMG_9606I made the Halloween bunting last year from felt that I made from felting knitted rectangles.  These little felted hanging decorations were made last year too.


My final Halloween crochet project for this year was my pumpkin coasters.  (Another free download available through Ravelry designed by Ira Rott).

IMG_9257I only had enough Rowan Handknit Cotton to crochet five coasters, so I crocheted a 6th one using Ecru coloured yarn.  I like the white pumpkin best:

IMG_9316Whatever you are all up to tonight, I hope that you have a spooktacular Halloween and stay safe if you are out guising xx



Hexagon Blankets

Posted on 22 October, 2013

Last week, I finished two hexagon-shaped blankets that I’ve been working on.  I’m delighted with how both of them have turned out.  Hexagons are my favourite shape, which probably is part of the reason why I love these blankets so much.  The first one was my African Flower Blanket.  This is a crochet hexagon pattern which I found on the Heidi Bears Blog.

IMG_9533I started crocheting this blanket in the middle of August after seeing some very pretty crochet squares on Instagram.  Here’s my little bundle of flower hexagons growing:

Hex2 Hex3

Hex4 Hex5

This was supposed to be an ongoing project for over winter, but those little hexagons are very addictive and my blanket is finished already!  I used Rowan Handknit Cotton yarn to crochet my hexagons . . . this was mostly leftovers from a Debbie Abraham’s Blanket that I knitted for my son a few years ago.  The Debbie Abraham’s Blanket was called Four Seasons, and after finishing this blanket I had just over 750g of yarn remaining (not counting full balls, just the ones that I had knitted from).  Here’s a wee pic of me with my Four Season’s Blanket and all those Rowan Handknit Cotton leftovers.

Hex1 Hex6

I did have to buy the cream coloured yarn to trim each flower in my hexagon shape, but it was still a great way to use up most of those leftovers.

I had no idea just how big my finished African Flower Blanket would be when I started crocheting.  I had thought that I would end up with a lap blanket or maybe even a small throw for over the back of my couch, but after crocheting 169 flower hexagons, I have a fairly decent sized blanket . . . big enough for two people to snuggle under.  The finished blanket is 63 inches across, and is perfect for throwing over the back of the 2 seater couch in my sitting room.  It really helps to brighten up this room too.

IMG_9511While I was crocheting these hexagons, one of my biggest worries was how to arrange them once they were finished.  Hubby came to my rescue and he wrote me a little computer program to help in arranging all 169 hexagons.  Isn’t he a wee star?!  You can see that program working in this video from my instagram feed.

IMG_9404 IMG_9412

IMG_9393 IMG_9384

The edging for the blanket is a shell edging.  The first edging was a bit bulky and frilled slightly, so I had to rip it out and redo it.  I’m happier with how it looks now.  I left 2 stitches between my shell and my double crochet.  I also worked 6 trebles into each shell (just in case anyone out there is wondering how I did it).

I just love this finished crochet blanket!  I’m still surprised at how big it is and I’m already planning my next crochet blanket using some Sirdar Ella leftovers that I have lying around.

The 2nd photo below is the other hexagon blanket that I finished last week.

IMG_9505 IMG_9443

This one is a patchwork and quilted hexagon blanket that I made from a jelly roll.  I made this quilt top in January and it has taken me until now to layer it up and quilt it.

IMG_9435 The pattern is Hexagon Garden from the More Layer Cake, Jelly Rolls & Charm Quilts book by Pam & Nicky Lintott and the fabric is A Walk in the Woods by Aneela Hoey.

IMG_9452I adore this fabric and this jelly roll was one of the first fabrics that I bought last year when I started learning to sew.  I’ve already made another quilt using this fabric at a quilting class I went to earlier this year run by Sheila, aka Bluepatch Quilter.  You can see the quilt in this photo:

IMG_9475You won’t get cold sitting about my house . . . you have a choice of blankies to snuggle under.

Did you spot my wee Halloween decorations in one of my previous pics?  They’re sitting on top of the fireplace.

IMG_9549IMG_9540These are little amigurumi decorations that I’ve been crocheting, but I’ll tell you more about those in my next post xx