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Lady Grey

Posted on 25 March, 2014


This is my recently completed Lady Grey coat from Colette Patterns.

I’ve been making this coat on and off (more off than on) since September 2013 after taking a Tailored Jacket Course at The Stitchery in Glasgow.

The description of this coat from the Colette website describes it as follows:

Short wrap coat with princess seams, perfect for between seasons. Has a very wide collar, 3/4 length sleeves that look wonderful with bracelets or long gloves, and fullness at the hem. Coat is fully lined. Closes with one internal and one external button, and includes wide self-fabric tie belt.

My coat is more of a winter coat as I have used a heavier weight fabric.

IMG_0566 IMG_0551 IMG_0575

My main coat fabric is a wool/cashmere blend and I’ve lined my coat with a grey coloured china silk.  I bought my fabrics from Mood Fabrics while I was in New York for my 40th Birthday last August.  These were a pretty big purchase for me, and it took a couple of trips before I was brave enough to actually buy the fabrics.  Any excuse to go back, eh?

Now that it’s finished, I absolutely love this coat! It’s just a shame that I didn’t finish it sooner so that I could wear it all winter long.  While at the Tailored Jacket Class, I was taught A LOT of tailoring techniques, and I mean A LOT!!  I did use these techniques when making my jacket, but a few of them I have removed/replaced.  I pad stitched both my lapels, but after a lot of humming and hawing (and weeks of the jacket lying unfinished), I re-cut my lapel pieces and added them to my coat without this pad stitching.  The lapels just didn’t sit properly with the pad stitching, and also I felt that it would look silly if I decided to add a button hole and button onto my lapel pieces later . . . you know, for buttoning up during winter to help keep the cold out.

IMG_0563 IMG_0557

A couple of the things I love most about this coat are the princess seams and all the top stitching.  This is the first time I’ve sewn something with princess seams and not only do I love how the seam sits against the body, I just love that name for a seam too!  I love all the detail that the top stitching along my seams gives . . . although my poor wee sewing machine may not agree with me there.

IMG_0595 IMG_0606

As you can see from the two photos above, I didn’t put buttons on my coat.  Instead I decided to go for big, stud fastenings as the buttons will never be seen underneath the belt anyway.  You can see my china silk lining in one of those photos too.  I did want to go for a nice bright pink or purple lining, but the girl from Mood advised me that that wasn’t the done thing.

IMG_0580I love this big collar, the three quarter length sleeves and the fullness of the coat below the waist.  It is a very flattering shape for me to wear and I wish I had got some photos of me wearing it on its maiden voyage out for dinner last night.

IMG_0570bIf I were to make this coat again (which won’t be anytime soon), I would make my lining slightly longer and I wouldn’t add the pockets.  My pockets are made from the china silk lining fabric and are very delicate.  I won’t be putting my phone or keys in them for fear of tearing the fabric.

In the meantime, I hope to get a little bit more wear from this jacket during the spring months before the weather gets to warm.  Oh, who am I kidding?!  I live in Scotland.  I’ll probably still be wearing this coat mid-summer knowing what our weather is like.