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Folded Fabric Christmas Tree

Posted on 29 November, 2015


I visited the Crafts for Christmas event at the SECC, Glasgow in October.  There were a few representatives from the Scottish Women’s Institute (SWI) on one of the stalls and they were demonstrating how to make these little Christmas Trees using triangles of folded fabric.

I was so impressed with the trees that I decided to try making one myself at home.  I have put together a photo tutorial, so that you can make one for your own home.  It makes a beautiful, hanging fabric decoration for the festive season.

You can find my photo tutorial here.  There is also an option to download a pdf version too.

Log Cabin Knitting

Posted on 21 November, 2015

Log cabin blocks are one of my favourite blocks to sew together with fabric and I have made quite a few quilts featuring them.  As I enjoy sewing these blocks so much, I’ve been thinking about knitting a log cabin blanket just like the traditional sewn/quilted versions, with one half of the block made up of light shades, the other half with dark shades, and a red centre square, to represent the heart of the home.

I’m designing/writing up my own block pattern for a more traditional themed Log Cabin Blanket. Although I was pleased with how my first swatch turned out, I felt that two of my darker colours were very similar.  After rearranging the darker shades that I had used within this first block and also adding another light shade, I was much happier with my second swatch.


I’m using New Lanark Aran to knit my blocks.  I used their Cherry shade to knit the centre square , the three light shades are Ecru, Limestone and Lovage and the three dark shades are Pebble, Gritstone and Natural Black (in order from lightest to darkest).

One of the fun parts about putting together log cabin blocks is deciding on a layout for the finished blanket.  I’ve arranged a few different layouts for my finished blanket on my computer:

Blanket1 Blanket4
Blanket5 Blanket7

I think this is my favourite layout so far:


My blocks measure 8″ square, so if I knit 16 blocks, my finished blanket should measure approx 32″ square (not including any borders that I may add).

I have 10 squares knitted already, so watch this space . . . finished blanket photos coming soon!