Log Cabin Blanket & Cushion

Posted on 17 January, 2016

IMG_6851I published the patterns for both my Log Cabin Blanket and my Log Cabin Cushion through Ravelry last weekend.  I would like to thank all the knitters who took the time (and yarn) to test knit this for me.  All your feedback is very much appreciated.

I really enjoyed designing both of these and I am delighted with how they have both turned out!  These are my new favourite designs (I think I say that about all my new patterns).

IMG_6727My Log Cabin Blanket is 36 inches (91.5cm) square.  For this blanket, I have gone with one of my favourite log cabins – one half of the square in light shades, the other in dark shades, and a red centre square to represent the heart of the home.

I used New Lanark Aran to knit my Log Cabin Blanket, as the Mill that produces this yarn is not far from my home. I do enjoy designing and knitting with locally made products, which makes this yarn an ideal choice for me.

IMG_6804After knitting my blanket, I had to design a matching cushion cover.  My Log Cabin Cushion fits over a 13.75 inch (35cm) square cushion pad.  For the cushion, I used New Lanark Aran again.

IMG_6794The top and bottom pieces of the back of my cushion are knitted in one shade with only the button band being a different colour.  I used red love heart buttons on my cushion; again to represent the heart of the home.

Instructions for both the blanket and the cushion are in written format (no charts). A colour photograph has been provided at each stage in the construction of the log cabin square to show how the square should look and a template has been provided too, so that you can experiment with different colours and yarns.

If you buy both my Log Cabin Blanket and my Log Cabin Cushion patterns, a £1.50 discount will be given at the Ravelry checkout.
No code needed. The discount will automatically be applied and this discount lasts throughout all of 2016.

Happy knitting everyone – I hope that 2016 is a happy and healthy year for all of you!

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