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Log Cabin Blanket & Cushion

Posted on 17 January, 2016

IMG_6851I published the patterns for both my Log Cabin Blanket and my Log Cabin Cushion through Ravelry last weekend.  I would like to thank all the knitters who took the time (and yarn) to test knit this for me.  All your feedback is very much appreciated.

I really enjoyed designing both of these and I am delighted with how they have both turned out!  These are my new favourite designs (I think I say that about all my new patterns).

IMG_6727My Log Cabin Blanket is 36 inches (91.5cm) square.  For this blanket, I have gone with one of my favourite log cabins – one half of the square in light shades, the other in dark shades, and a red centre square to represent the heart of the home.

I used New Lanark Aran to knit my Log Cabin Blanket, as the Mill that produces this yarn is not far from my home. I do enjoy designing and knitting with locally made products, which makes this yarn an ideal choice for me.

IMG_6804After knitting my blanket, I had to design a matching cushion cover.  My Log Cabin Cushion fits over a 13.75 inch (35cm) square cushion pad.  For the cushion, I used New Lanark Aran again.

IMG_6794The top and bottom pieces of the back of my cushion are knitted in one shade with only the button band being a different colour.  I used red love heart buttons on my cushion; again to represent the heart of the home.

Instructions for both the blanket and the cushion are in written format (no charts). A colour photograph has been provided at each stage in the construction of the log cabin square to show how the square should look and a template has been provided too, so that you can experiment with different colours and yarns.

If you buy both my Log Cabin Blanket and my Log Cabin Cushion patterns, a £1.50 discount will be given at the Ravelry checkout.
No code needed. The discount will automatically be applied and this discount lasts throughout all of 2016.

Happy knitting everyone – I hope that 2016 is a happy and healthy year for all of you!

Log Cabin Knitting

Posted on 21 November, 2015

Log cabin blocks are one of my favourite blocks to sew together with fabric and I have made quite a few quilts featuring them.  As I enjoy sewing these blocks so much, I’ve been thinking about knitting a log cabin blanket just like the traditional sewn/quilted versions, with one half of the block made up of light shades, the other half with dark shades, and a red centre square, to represent the heart of the home.

I’m designing/writing up my own block pattern for a more traditional themed Log Cabin Blanket. Although I was pleased with how my first swatch turned out, I felt that two of my darker colours were very similar.  After rearranging the darker shades that I had used within this first block and also adding another light shade, I was much happier with my second swatch.


I’m using New Lanark Aran to knit my blocks.  I used their Cherry shade to knit the centre square , the three light shades are Ecru, Limestone and Lovage and the three dark shades are Pebble, Gritstone and Natural Black (in order from lightest to darkest).

One of the fun parts about putting together log cabin blocks is deciding on a layout for the finished blanket.  I’ve arranged a few different layouts for my finished blanket on my computer:

Blanket1 Blanket4
Blanket5 Blanket7

I think this is my favourite layout so far:


My blocks measure 8″ square, so if I knit 16 blocks, my finished blanket should measure approx 32″ square (not including any borders that I may add).

I have 10 squares knitted already, so watch this space . . . finished blanket photos coming soon!

A New Venture for Shuttermonkey Designs

Posted on 11 March, 2015

It has been quite some time since my last blog post (isn’t it always?), but I have a new venture that I would like to share today.

I have launched a new Etsy Shop to sell my handmade textile designs. To start off with, I will be selling handmade baby quilts and handknitted baby hats, and I will be following this up soon with craft bags, stitch markers, baby bunting and more.

To celebrate the launch of my new shop on Etsy, for a limited time I will be offering all my handcrafts at a special ‘introductory price’!

IMG_1683 IMG_1679

The baby quilts that I am selling are made entirely with 100% cotton materials and are made up of three layers:

  1. The patchwork top layer, made using cotton designer fabrics.
  2. The wadding in the middle, which is 100% cotton from the Warm & Natural range of quilt wadding.
  3. The backing fabric, which is also 100% cotton.

These quilts are 34.5” long and 26.5” wide and are the perfect size for using in a travel cot, as a playmat or as an ‘on the go’ quilt.  The top layers have been pieced together in a modern, ‘plus themed’ layout.  The fabric that I have used for the pink quilt is from the  Posy range by Aneela Hoey and the blue quilt uses fabrics from the Lily and Will range by Bunny Hill Designs.

I will have more handmade baby quilts in a variety of colours and patterns available soon.

IMG_0598 IMG_0626

IMG_1618 IMG_1605

The handknitted baby hats that I have for sale have been knitted using Sirdar Snuggly Baby DK yarns. Each hat has a side fastening with 2 buttons which makes the size adjustable.  The baby boy hats have a character button sewn onto the brim, while the baby girl hats have a crochet flower stitched onto the right side of them.

These hats are a newborn size and are approx. 30cm in circumference.  I will have more hats in a variety of colours added to my shop very soon.

Both the quilts and the hats can be machine washed on a cool wash cycle, and the quilts can be ironed as required.  All are ready to gift as they have already been washed with non-biological soap powder and rinsed with Fairy fabric softener.

This new venture has been something that I have wanted to try for quite some time and it is on my list of goals for 2015, along with knitting my stash and finishing all my WIPs!  Over the last year I have been focussing a lot of my time on sewing and quilting . . . but there will be some new Shuttermonkey Designs knitting patterns making their debut later this year too! xx



Summer Sale – Day 11 – Flower of Scotland Bag & Beret

Posted on 12 June, 2014

The 11th designs to go on sale are the combined Flower of Scotland Bag & Beret patterns.
This ebook will be reduced to £1 on Thursday 12th June (UK time).


You have to add the £3.50 ebook to your Ravelry cart for the discount to be automatically applied.
(The discount will not work if you add the bag and beret patterns individually to your cart).

Happy knitting x