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Quilting Classes and Craft Group

Posted on 10th July 2016

My new Craft Group started in April and my Quilting Classes will be starting in September!


Quilting Classes

My quilting classes will be starting on Thursday 8th September 2016.

IMG_7802   IMG_7790

I will be holding classes on one Wednesday evening and two Thursday mornings.
There will be no Thursday afternoon class, as my weekly craft group meets in Prestwick Community Centre at this time (anyone wishing to come along to the craft group will be more than welcome).

For more information about my classes please have a look at the Quilting Classes page.

Craft Group

In the meantime, my new craft group started in April 2016.


You are all welcome to come along to this weekly group with your favourite handcraft for cake, a cuppa and a chat while we work on our knitting, crocheting, quilting, sewing, cross stitch and embroidery.

For more details about my weekly group please have a look at the Craft Group page.

Cake and Crafting on Social Media

I have set up Cake and Crafting pages on various social media sites: Facebook, Instagram and on Ravelry.  Click or tap the pictures below to visit my profiles.

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